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They All Pause!

No matter what the ladies are looking at ... They all pause to check out the bling! If they wasn't buying lip gloss, they buying it now.

I love Made by Valencia lipglosses

I made my own lipgloss colors and named them. My clients loved them too. They came out perfect. This is the perfect consistency, they're not sticky and lasts for about 6 hours. It glides on your lips and leaves them soft and shiny with a color so pretty.

So far I made 5 lipglosses and they came out perfect thanks to customer service. I added my own colors though because I wanted some shimmer in my lipglosses for my clients.

Lip gloss bundle

Great product wish that they was a little bigger and an easier application

Gloss kit

Wanted to try out before I drove in full force. Always wanted to do lip gloss and these are awesome. I am very sensitive to slot of lip products but had no issue. I'm in love with this product!

It taste way better than it looks lol

My friend and I had a good time laughing as we did all the steps, but to be honest we were convinced this was not going to be good. After I realized I was taking my third bite I laughed so hard. It's is so weird, but I like it. The spicy powder stuff is delicious! The sweet mixed with the spicy was amazing. I would actually try this again lol.

Who Knew

I love hair store lip gloss so when I saw the price that's what I was expecting but this lip gloss is actually good quality. I'm a fan!

Beautiful I love the colors it's amazing and it smells yummy 😋

5ml Heart Shape Lip Gloss Tube
Amazing 💕💕💕

I love love love the tubes so cute and perfect for my bundles🥰💕

Love everything about my lipgloss base.

I sooo love this product. Started my business and I must say my customers loved it. Made a huge profit in 2 days. Got to get more. My business is definitely growing. Awesome gloss. Must get more very soon. Thanks MBV

Absolutely love it!

GlossBae Official!!

My package arrived quicker than I expected!! The packaging was very neat! The products exceeded my expectations and the buying experience was very personalized and professional! I cannot wait to add lipgloss to my business!

Absolutely the best

I have been nothing but impressed with this company. The shipping is fast and the consistency of the product is fabulous. I will continue to order this for my lip gloss business.

Love it! 😍

I love her lip glosses, they are a big part of my lip gloss business! Love the consistency and colors.


Love my lipgloss and it smells delicious. I will definitely be ordering again


Loving my lipgloss, and it smells delicious..i will definitely be ordering again

Love them all


Love the formula and color!


Love the gloss! Great staying power and color!


Love the formula and color!

My customers love the cotton candy scent/flavor. Can’t wait to repurchase!

Absolutely love it 😍! The flavor 💯 and the texture of the lipgloss 💄💯 it really does plump your lips and leaves them soft.

Loving the consistency and how hydrating it feels on the lips. Can't wait to add more to my collection. Thank you.


I love the products doing my first vendor sale this Friday I am ready!!!!! Thanks for a beautiful lipgloss tube.