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MBV Lip Gloss Pouch-to-Tube Pipette Bundle

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Our MBV Lip Gloss Pouch-to-Tube Pipette Bundle allows you to fill lip gloss tubes directly from the MBV Bulk Lip Gloss Pouch. With extra pipettes on hand, you can reserve tubes for the top-selling lip gloss colors. Simply use our resealable Bulk Lip Gloss Pouch to refill your tubes as needed.

Remember that continuous practice leads to progress. Enhance your skills in filling lip gloss tubes with the help of these bonus Pipettes. Please reach out to customer support if you experience excessive spilling while filling your lip gloss tubes. This is usually due to one of the following: using the incorrect size pipette, improperly cutting of the pipette, or attaching the pipette to the lip gloss pouch incorrectly. View diagram in picture for reference. 

You Get: 20 Lip Gloss Pouch-to-Tube Pipettes

We use lip gloss pouches instead of lip gloss jars for a more convenient Pouch-to-tube lip gloss filling method.